At the 18th Brooklyn Film Festival, New York, Vinko Möderndorfer received the Spirit Award for the Best Feature Film.

Feedback from the festival


The second screening of “Inferno” at the Brooklyn Film Festival has just finished. I was proud to be the one to announce your film and fortunately I also had the time to see it. Some of the viewers present at the preceding screening told me the film was very difficult. Before the film I also read the director’s statement from your website to the public. However, I still had no idea that with your film I would relive the scenes of my own inferno, inferno of my country, my friends, and my generation. I cannot begin to describe how heavy the silence of the audience was during the closing credits. How my muscles strained while I watched how (our) lives are being taken away, how it is made impossible for us to have families, how our organs are harvested and canapés are being stuffed in our mouths at pseudo parties with the aim of raking in the money. Vinko, you’ve written an extraordinary story, and you’ve filmed it perfectly! You’ve left a rare, profound – in the best sense of the word – directorial impact on our world! I cannot find the information about who the Director of Photography is, but he carried out his role exceedingly well! This indescribable greyness, which can by no means be captured on Instagram… 🙂 Such a documentary photography for such a vivid film narrative! I was stunned. I walk slowly… I want to cry, put my hands on the burns on the wall and keep hitting my head against it until I realise WHY?! Why do I keep focusing on whether I know anyone who could give me any job whatsoever instead of worrying whether I’m good at what I do… Among other things… While on the other hand I can be glad to go out of the cinema now and step into the most interesting city in the world. New York! Where I’ve lived for five months now! While on the other hand this is what can make me hit my head against the wall even harder! 🙂
Congratulations to everyone!
Masha Dakic